I am professional web developer and web host. Starting as a sole trader in 2004 I registered my company Webmadness Ltd in 2006. Designing, building and hosting websites for the home based local businesses in Portsmouth initially and quickly to progressing to larger businesses and those based further afield.

Over the years I have undertaken many web projects and I am always looking for the next big virtual thing! I am lucky enough to have been a bit computer savvy when the internet as we now know it began, long before the likes of FaceBook and YouTube ever existed. My father is one of the first generation of commercial computer programmers, so I had a computer (of sorts!) in my home since the mid 80's! My younger brother also followed suit and became a very successful computer scientist high up at INTEL.

Back in the days of being able to sell eBooks on eBay, and before Webmadness Ltd, I had a best selling eBook called Clickblinks Automated Net Income which taught people how to do exactly the same.

For a long time now I have been making my money online.

I enjoy using my internet skills to help others too. I have a village project running on the Greek island of Corfu to help a struggling community. Pentati may be the smallest village on the island but it is now the most advanced on the island for web technology! In recognition of this I was asked by the island to be the marketing director for their bid to be European Capital of Culture 2021; an honour for me but also a confirmation of actually how far behind the island is with technology, I mean... they asked me!
Update January 2018: Some of my plans are now being implemented on the island, making my village project the original pilot for this.